I love our mission (to empower women + girls out of poverty) and the mechanisms we’ve chosen to play our part in helping to reduce what I believe is a solvable issue: poverty.

There are multiple issues that women + girls face in the cycle of poverty. However, when they are educated, have access to basic hygiene and finance, they have a fighting chance to get out of that seemingly never ending poverty cycle and create a different future for themselves.

So, that’s why we contribute towards projects in the areas of Education, Sanitation and Microloans. And these are the awesome non profits we’ve partnered with to be a part of this change!

We may not be THE company to solve poverty, HOWEVER, we can be THE company that’s a part of the solution.

You can check out who we’ve partnered with here:




PS: see my next 3 blogs where I talk in depth about how each of these organisation’s are making a difference.

xx Mel

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