As you’ve probably gleaned, we are more than just about gorgeous products. We have a big bold mission and that is to empower women + girls out of poverty is at the heart of what we do at Lily Anne Family Brands. In essence, we are a social enterprise.

Above all, it was important for the social impact we are out to create to be sustainable. That’s why we are such a big supporter of microloans. The money is recycled when women pay back the loan where it’s then lent to another woman to start her small business. This cycle never ends. We’ve contributed to over 1000 micro loans so far and we’ve only been in business for 4 years.

But we don’t just focus on microloans. The education of women and girls, improved sanitation and the concept of a ‘hand up’ are key to addressing poverty. For most of us we are lucky enough to live in a country where we have access to life’s simple things, like running water, an education and finance. But that’s not the case for many women and girls who live in developing countries.

Let me introduce you to a non-profit we have partnered with named Opportunity. In particular, Australia’s Women4Women initiative. Our goal this year is to support the training of 35 health leaders in India, who will in turn train and support 7,000 members of their local communities. It’s important to me to have real and tangible results come from our social impact. In fact, we have just announced at our yearly Inspiring Possibility Conference in May that we are hosting our very first Impact Trip!

I’m so excited to be taking a group of our consultants to India in October next year to see first hand that impact. Hosted by Opportunity we will be visiting with field partners and the very women who have been affected by poverty and have had the hand up to create something different for their lives because of our amazing consultants and customers.

We will keep you up to date with the trip as we draw closer. If you would like to a part of the trip, be sure to check out how you can become a consultant and earn your way to be a part of this first ever experience!

xx Melissa

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