Once a year we (the Lily Pad) put together a 2 day conference for our consultants to celebrate their yearly achievements (we have an amazing gala dinner awards night), learn about new product roll outs (this I’m pretty sure is the biggest highlight) and to learn more about being a rock star #girlboss. We like to think it’s a pretty damn good time.

The location alone is part of the magic that is conference. And this year was no different. Held on the Gold Coast the consultants shared 2 amazing days in the lush gardens and natural surrounds of the gorgeous Sanctuary Cove.
I won’t say too much more about it. Instead, I will let the pics tell the story. Enjoy! 🙂


But, what about 2018, you ask?
We have announced already when and where. On the 19th May Lily Anne consultants (together with the Lily Pad staff) will be setting sail from Sydney on a 3 night P&O cruise!

Come join us – you can find all the deets here.

Sea you on the cruise! (like what I did there!?)

xx Melissa

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