We are a Social Selling for Social Change company – which means there is an enduring principle at the heart of what we do: people’s choices of what they buy has the power to change the world. With every purchase of a Lily Anne Jewellery product you are helping to fight the fight – in a real + tangible way. Through Impact Projects in the areas of Education, Sanitation and Micro Loans we are helping to lift women + girls out of poverty.

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How We Work


Our beautiful hand crafted personalised jewellery designed to capture the moments in life that matter has been created with heart-felt connection as its focus and global change as it’s core.

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Projects with Impact

What we like to refer to as Impact Projects, we fund projects that support women + girls who live in poverty. We fund projects because there is a start and a finish. That way we can create real results and measure impact. It’s Social Responsibility – in the best way possible!

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Real Results 4 Real Change

We share the results so you can see the difference you make. We share statistics, facts and real life stories from the women + girls we are supporting. You. Her. The World.

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The story so far...


Hi, I’m Melissa Haupt, the Founder + CEO of Lily Anne Family Brands®.

I started this company in April 2013 with one mission in mind: to inspire and empower women. That mission has grown over our short 3 years, to one that includes our latest Lily Anne Family Brands® expansion (did you know we have a just released sister brand: Lily Anne Beauty) as well as increasing our impact on diminishing global poverty for women + girls.

Our giving kicked off back in 2014 when we added a Social Selling for Social Change component where every time a consultant joined we would contribute a portion of a micro loan to a woman in a developing country. In that short time we contributed to more than 495 loans!

As I was planning to add our sister brand (Lily Anne Beauty), I thought, what if we could do more with our giving? What if each time one of our customers and hostesses purchased with us, we would also contribute to our mission? We could impact thousands more women!

So, that’s what I did. Starting in July 2016, every time you purchase one of our beautiful products you are a part of our mission: to empower women + girls out of poverty. Together, we are changing the world.

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It’s all about empowerment (a “hand up” instead of a “hand out”). Empowering women + girls out of poverty. And the best way to do this is to stop the cycle of poverty. Right in it’s tracks. There are multiple ways to be a part of this solution. We believe choosing to support projects in the areas of Education, Sanitation and Micro Loans gives women + girls the very best chance of empowering themselves out of their circumstances.

Poverty is a global yet solvable problem, and every time you purchase a Lily Anne Jewellery product (or host a Jewellery Bar or become a Jewellery Consultant) you are participating in the solution. You are investing in better futures for women + girls around the world.


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